Directions For Use

For Best Results:

  • Store out of direct UV light
  • Store product between 40-120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Best applied in evenings when ambient air temperature is cooler and out of direct sunlight
  • Pick up all solid waste first
  • Pre-soak turf surface lightly with water hose prior to product application (Doing this prevents burning of the live enzymes)
  • Agitate / Shake product to mix prior to application
  • For first time application, use 6-8 oz per gallon / Or spray and let set for 10 minutes. Repeat 3 times
  • For routine maintenance, 2 oz per gallon (max flow nozzle is set for 2 oz per gallon of water)
  • Frequency of use is directed by how much your animal urinates on the grass. Best to spray once every 14 days
  • Do not rinse off product once applied to the surface. Continue to add more product to keep turf wet
  • The longer the turf is wet the better for enzymes to move around and kill bad bacteria
  • Allow to dry for 20 minutes before reapplying if needed
  • Do not leave dispensing containers open and vented to the outside; always reseal with the supplied cap

How To Apply

32 Ounce Bottle:

  • Insert water hose in max flow nozzle, ensuring black gasket is on the inside of the max flow nozzle
  • Tighten bottle to nozzle clockwise by hand; do not over tighten
  • Turn water on
  • While holding the hose and nozzle end away from you, turn the safety tab back towards you
  • Point the nozzle at the soiled areas and spray using a sweeping motion
  • The nozzle dilutes the PE-51 concentrate product to 2 oz. / gallon, which covers 800 - 1500 square feet
  • When finished, turn the safety tab back to the upright position, turn water hose off at the source, and disconnect from max flow nozzle
  • Store in a dry area out of direct UV lighting
  • Keep max flow nozzle and 32 oz bottle to use with 1 gallon refill

1 Gallon Refillable:

  • Dispense product into the 32oz bottle and dispense with max flow nozzle


  • Dispense into an airless or backpack sprayer and fill with water at 2 oz per gallon

5 Gallon Pail:

     For larger application such as Doggie Daycares, Kennels, Parks, ect. 

  • Agitate / Shake product to mix prior to application
  • Use a 5 gallon pump or pour by hand into a smaller container
  • When product is stored, do not leave vented to the outside