PE-51 Warranty Information

Before submitting for Money Back for PE-51, make sure you have let the PE-51 sit on top of the turf for a few days. The PE-51 is a live good bacteria which eats bad bacteria. It usually takes several days for this process.
We have had great success with PE-51 enzyme cleaner for all turf applications but there are times when enzyme cleaners will not work for your situation.
Most cases are your dog is limited to a small section of turf to do its business and there is too much bad bacteria under the turf, far from the reach of the PE-51 cleaner. The enzyme cannot reach deep under the turf without drenching it every day.
Other issues are with very strong urine and feces smell due to feeding your animal a high profile dog food.
Process to receive your money back for the product only minus our shipping cost even if ad states free shipping or shipping included.
1. Provide size of your turf & size of your dog and pictures of your both turf & dog.
2. Must provide proof you made the purchase from our this site by providing Receipt Number & Transaction ID. Warranty does not include if you purchased from another dealer or website.
3. Only one refund per customer & address.
4. If multiple orders were purchased at any given time, we will refund only one of the purchases minus shipping costs.
5. If we do not have you in our shipping system or as being a customer, no refund will be issued.
Refunds will be issued back to the original method of payment. No exceptions!