12 – 32oz Bottles PE-51 with 6 Max Flow Nozzles

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12 – 32 oz bottles with 6 max flow nozzles
12 bottles covers up to 21,600 sq ft
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This combination package does not qualify for the satisfaction guarantee. To protect us from fraud, satisfaction guarantee orders only apply to first 32 oz bottle order.  No combination orders will be refunded.  We recommend purchasing a 32 oz bottle w/nozzle to test your urine odor needs before purchasing combination packages.

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Case of 12 full 32 oz bottles of heavy duty concentrated PE-51 for artificial grass eliminates any unwanted smells left behind by pets and pet waste. This eco-friendly spray has been proven safe for animals and children. Perfect for pet runs, dog parks, clinics and more, this odor deodorizer will keep turf smelling fresh day after day. PE-51 can withstand high temperatures and is resistant to chlorinated products and other cleaning agents. With PE-51, you can relax knowing that your lawn will be odor free no matter how often your pet goes outside.

6 Hose attachments included
Fresh cut grass scented
Certified salmonella free
Over 250 billion microorganisms per Gal.
Resistant to chlorinated products, disinfectants, bleach and high acid or alkaline conditions
Indoor/outdoor use
Safe to use on concrete, fences and other surfaces
Do not apply in direct sunlight
Pet friendly
Not for human consumption
No caustics, acids or solvents

(Picture shows 6 bottles with 1 nozzle but this ad includes 12 bottles with 6 nozzles)

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 15 in


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